October 17, 2017

銀杏BOYZ 峯田和伸 熱いメッセージ!感動!スッキリ

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銀杏BOYZ 峯田和伸 熱いメッセージ!感動!スッキリ

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September 21, 2017

Mail art stamp book from Picassso G 

I received a booklet of several artist ^mail art" stamps. 

Which included mine.

I hope to make it more elaborate. 

Picasso likes it though.... 

July 14, 2017

In coming from Sweden

A mail art from Henry arrived yesterday. 


June 13, 2017

Box art from Heleen 

two box art came from Heleen Artmail chicken and frog theme 

From Netherlands 

Thank you! 

May 31, 2017

In coming from Jon Foster USA

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Thank you Jon Foster some of them I will add and pass. Square one I will send back to you.

May 24, 2017

Out going mail to Jon Foster

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It is funny to make a conversation with people don't know art.
I mean a post office person.
It seems like it has been more strict to send stuff to overseas, which I assume that is for terrorism.

She asked to fill out a form.
I said, In English?
She is a new from last year.
She said, yes, English.
That I have been doing since I was taking correspondence course at AAU, and mail art.
She show it to co-worker and asked if it is ok?
Co-worker said, have her write in Japanese too.
I wrote in Japanese, art works and origami.
It was ok like that before. done.

She asked what is art works?
I said, collage.
She looked questioned.
What is made of?
I said, with paper.
I pointed the ads next to me it is done by digitally but just glue it like that.
She looked, (whatever, what you said I don't understand)
She said, ok just add, paper, next to it.
Ok, so why she did not ask the material at first?
Both did not make sense and it was funny.

Anyway, I am happy with the so called package mail costed only ¥150 = $1.34 (it takes little longer and have a risk to be open and I have to fill out the form. A regular mail I don't need to and I can put a letter inside. A package mail no letter.

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