October 24, 2016

mail art from Henry self-stamp

mail art from
Henry Denander
I like his postage stamp.

October 19, 2016

BAA film mail

mail art from BAA
I think I have posted but I am getting some ideas collage this print or do collaboration.

October 13, 2016

mail from Dori

thank you Dori Singh for the mail. you said you didn't have much stuff to make things but I think it is a good idea and very creative.
And i like the stamp too! 😊🤗

A new American mail art friend and she contacted me via friend of Australia.

October 9, 2016

mail art from Lorrain Kwan

this is from Lorrain Kwan but as the same time as Brhino Waam nice collaboration and thank you for sending me back! 😊😉✌️️

August 25, 2016

just felt like picking up trash on the way back...

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I threw tobacco but the plastic stuff from deodorant spray or whatever I think I can stick to some mail art.

August 19, 2016

mail out to Lorrain K to Canada

it has been a while sending mail. I am sending back who sent me an art box in order.
Thanks Lorrain! 😊

July 19, 2016

collage to Karuizawa


July 11, 2016

mail art from Jill Carpenter

Thank you Jill for sending mini box for the 2nd time. I like the idea of do it yourself boxes i see it save her postage and I also enjoyed making these boxes.

April 9, 2016

Karuizawa New Art Museum mail art call

I recieved a mail art call postcard from Matsuhashi san. 
Will send something already made...

March 22, 2016


sorry being busy
i've received this mail art a couple days ago
it says postalprojectcasa3 
from Brasil 


March 9, 2016

one unlimited guilt free nap pass

from Julie R. Matevish 
New York

just for you
One Unlimited Guilt Free 
for any reason or none at all 

March 8, 2016

baa from Mexico

there is a pirce of slide says "Form"
i am not sure what it is until i print or scan. I guess they are ppl of Mexican parade or something? 

January 20, 2016

postcard from Cascadia Artpost

Thank you Jack Lattemann for your postcard! i love the miniature town! 😄

Ryosuke Cohen New Year card

Thank you Ryosuke Cohen san for your reply. 
りょうすけ こうえん さん からメールアート 

January 2, 2016

stamp art cards

遅ればせながらスタンプ出来たので、来た年賀状に返信用にスタンプアート作ってみた。(*^^*) 幾つか販売もしようかな…(^_^;) 
Now i made stamps so, i just made a stamp art card for returning new year cards i have got. i need to make more but will do tomorrow or so. i like 3rd one so i will make more of these... 

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