July 27, 2015

mim Banana mail

Banana mail from Mim.

mim bicycle mail art call

I have done a couple of postcards that will send to Bicycle mail art call. 

I printed my own photos that took in San Francisco on the postcard sized paper, and I collaged with origami and stamps. 

July 26, 2015

bottle caps

ok so it was Lucky Pierre (Marla Kittler) who sent me the beer bottle caps, still smell like beer, lol, I went to Mexican goods store today and little motivated to reuse them and my others. Thanks. 😍 

July 25, 2015

Cookaburra stamp

from past mail, Sparkle B return Cookaburra from Octopus stamp I sent... πŸ˜‰

July 24, 2015

July 20, 2015

mail art from Chepin CA USA

a postcard from Chepin. 
It was wet in typhoon got little soked...
but thank you! 

July 16, 2015

matchbox art from Nikki S from USA

Hi here is Nikki Soppelsa 's matchbox art and collab collage with some recycled paper I sent her before. 
I love the choice of paper and ideas of using hands. 😊 

out going to Cleo A USA

I sent my little art book and other to Cleo Allan. 

July 12, 2015

Catherine Mehrl Bennett Matchbox art

Catherine Mehrl Bennett OH USA
 matchbox art & book art

inside the box 

3 book art inside 

add & pass inside 

yes I do... 

July 3, 2015

matchbox project from Carina from Finland 
I like Lego box and Lego book! Good work! 

Finland stamps... i love moomin! 

nice handmade envelope...

this is Logos! 

side of the box

lego covers! great!

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