May 18, 2015

mail art work at Artspace Edition Shimizu

Mail Art call was invited by the owner of Artspace Edition Shimizu at Shizuoka Japan

Mail Art Invitation: 'Doing Something Poetic or Something Prosaic'

art instruction: doing something poetic or something prosaic
アートインストラクション: 詩的あるいは散文的行為をする

Please do something poetic or something prosaic on a street or road in the city where you live, and record it with your photos, texts, or any other artworks and send all or them to Artspace Edition Shimizu by snail mail.

あなたが住む町の通りあるいは路上で何か詩的行為あるいは散文的行為をしてください。そしてそれを写真、文章で記録、あるいはアート作品としてまとめ、Artspace Edition Shimizuまで郵送して下さい.

Deadline 2015, 8, 1
The show is on Sep 19-21, 2015.
Artspace Edition Shimizu Blog

My concept:
I did something prosaic.

Description of your performance

This is a part of the ideas from #CreativeSprint that is to make a legal impermanent graffiti in a public space. 

I drew a cat face with cat food as installation in my front yard. 

Normally I give the cat food in a bowl but she came and ate her face which I thought that it is funny. Off course she did not realize that it is her face, but I think that makes to complete the performance, as “a Cat Eating the Cat Face.”

About the collage, in my daily life, I like to pick up trash on the street in my neighborhood and sometime make some art out of. The base paper for this collage is a political Kyosanto campaign poster (the Japanese Communist 
Party) which was thrown away after the election and were damped in the ditch. 4 photographs from “a cat eating the cat food” project, a trash from seaweed container, paper trash, and pamphlet from the US tourist places are also attached to elaborate my daily life. 

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