May 30, 2015

matchbox art call! (^_^)/

I am calling mail art.
One idea, I want to make art in/on matchbox or of box of its size.
I am not good at making small objects and just want to inspired from other. I would like to gather small sized box art. 
I have no intension to show in public at the moment, but I will post on my blog. 

Thankfully they are more and more people participating, and I may find some place to show or make a photobook of all of your works to show to others. 
Preferably match box size, but it could be any sizes that fit in the regular envelopes, such as a business card box or soap box, candy box etc... And if you want, you can make your own box rather than ready made match box.  (intension of my project is a match box sized art but for YOU the kind of box is OPEN to your creativity)

Sending me in a regular sized airmail envelope, which means I like the box that fit in the size.
no due,
no fee,

To Tomoe Nakamura
2-22-2 Daiho Kanancho
Osaka 585-0005 Japan

Note: Everyone are making great works with originality and had no problem receiving mails.
Just for the future note, please do not include the unused matches for the international mail security. I saw some of you used matches as for the concepts and I think that's ok. 

Thank you.

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