April 19, 2015

my mail to De Villo

He seems to like Trashpo and I have been inspired by the trashpo group to do more recycled art... 
here is a trash art collage with a piece of unite code and pill case.. 

my mail sending to Nikki

cat images cut out
a cat stamp and origami collage 

mail art from Nikki S USA

mail art I got from Nikki S a while ago... 
thank you for the gozilla postcard and follen leaves collage 

April 9, 2015

April 5, 2015

John Lennon project

ok so I tried to be creative with John Lennon today. He became kind of pop in color! (^_^) 

I will send this to the mail art call.

from here

To here...

April 3, 2015

documenting on April 3rd

past mail from Umberto Basso many self made postcards...
I think his works are very dada... 
from @ana isabel monais 
I love the old postman postcards!!
past mail from Lady L Designs Canada

first post

I used to use different page on my art blog to post mail art information, but it is hard to update so I separate and make a new blog for mail art information.

Please come and check in coming and my mail in here. up to 2015 April!!
Thank you!

For mail art before please visit this page.
This page is still active.

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