January 20, 2016

postcard from Cascadia Artpost

Thank you Jack Lattemann for your postcard! i love the miniature town! 😄

Ryosuke Cohen New Year card

Thank you Ryosuke Cohen san for your reply. 
りょうすけ こうえん さん からメールアート 

January 2, 2016

stamp art cards

遅ればせながらスタンプ出来たので、来た年賀状に返信用にスタンプアート作ってみた。(*^^*) 幾つか販売もしようかな…(^_^;) 
Now i made stamps so, i just made a stamp art card for returning new year cards i have got. i need to make more but will do tomorrow or so. i like 3rd one so i will make more of these... 

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