May 31, 2017

In coming from Jon Foster USA

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Thank you Jon Foster some of them I will add and pass. Square one I will send back to you.

May 24, 2017

Out going mail to Jon Foster

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It is funny to make a conversation with people don't know art.
I mean a post office person.
It seems like it has been more strict to send stuff to overseas, which I assume that is for terrorism.

She asked to fill out a form.
I said, In English?
She is a new from last year.
She said, yes, English.
That I have been doing since I was taking correspondence course at AAU, and mail art.
She show it to co-worker and asked if it is ok?
Co-worker said, have her write in Japanese too.
I wrote in Japanese, art works and origami.
It was ok like that before. done.

She asked what is art works?
I said, collage.
She looked questioned.
What is made of?
I said, with paper.
I pointed the ads next to me it is done by digitally but just glue it like that.
She looked, (whatever, what you said I don't understand)
She said, ok just add, paper, next to it.
Ok, so why she did not ask the material at first?
Both did not make sense and it was funny.

Anyway, I am happy with the so called package mail costed only ¥150 = $1.34 (it takes little longer and have a risk to be open and I have to fill out the form. A regular mail I don't need to and I can put a letter inside. A package mail no letter.

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